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Membership in Hill Country Astronomers

Club membership is not required to attend monthly meetings and star parties or to access HCA’s Yahoo! Group; however, we would welcome you as a member.

HCA does not have a newsletter; however, this Yahoo! Group serves as a way of making announcements, including astronomical and club-related events. We post documents such as maps to star parties, observing lists, etc., and photos of various sorts, including astrophotos there as well as on this website.

To access HCA’s Yahoo! Group, one of the group moderators must invite you to the group by email from Yahoo. Ryan Behrends, the club president, and Raeann Reid, the club secretary/treasurer, are the current moderators. To request to join HCA’s Yahoo! Group, you can contact the moderators at:
Advantage of Becoming a Member of HCA

Membership offers the following advantages: :
  • Eligibility  to serve in elected positions in HCA.
  • Eligibility to vote in HCA elections and on any HCA decisions.
  • Eligibility to borrow one of the club telescopes after a brief orientation and training session.
  • Participation in the monthly Club Star Parties.
  • Membership in the Astronomical League (AL), a national organization for amateur astronomers. With this AL membership you:
  • Receive a subscription to “The Reflector,” the quarterly magazine of the AL.
  • Are eligible for awards through the AL observing programs.

Membership Dues

Membership dues are $25/year for the first family member. Additional family members and students are $5 each.

How to Become a Member

To become a member, fill out this
Application Form and either mail it to the address shown on the form, or bring it along to the next meeting.

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